Preternatural Evolution by Peter Topside

In my review of Peter Topside’s first book, Preternatural, I started with the fact that Peter had hit the mark with an enjoyable debut novel. I just finished reading the second book in the trilogy, Evolution, and I’m happy to report Peter has managed to write a fantastic sequel.

Many authors spend way too much time in flashback scenes, and I often feel as if I’m re-reading large chunks of the first novel. Peter found a brilliant way to bring back pieces throughout the second book, just little snippets, but that’s the gem of book two. I never felt bombarded with trips down memory lane, nor did I feel lost.

The characters are more three-dimensional in the second book. They’ve grown over the fifteen years since Blackheart first terrorized their town, and yet many of them, despite the growth, are still stuck looking for something in the past to allow them to move forward. In comes the new and viciously improved Blackheart.

Preternatural: Evolution is a great read and a thoroughly enjoyable sequel to his debut novel. I’m looking forward to reading the final installment. Well done, once again.

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